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     Our Pennsylvania Fieldstone is harvested by us straight from the fields of Northeastern Pennsylvania in the heart of Pennsylvania Bluestone Country.  The stone is actually aged Pennsylvania Bluestone which has been exposed to the weather for 150 years or more.
    Farmers and farmhands worked long days removing the stone from the fields as they cleared it for their farms in the 1800's. Their horse teams and oxen moved stones out of their fields that we have trouble moving today withheavy equipment . The stories about the walls  are numerous and it would be interesting to hear the views on who how and why the walls were built.
     Through the modernization of farmng and lack of maintenace on the walls. Some walls are remove to expand the field sizes for modern tractors and farm equipment. Most walls seperating 5, 10 or 20 acres where and are being expanded so less turns for the machinery are nessecary. Also it expands the fields opening up vast acerage for crops and better land management. 
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